Cheyenne Community Information

Cheyenne is located near the geographical center of North America. This city also sits at the center of a major transportation hub -- at the intersection of Interstates 25 and 80 in southeast Wyoming, the main north-south, east-west routes in the state.

In addition to being the center for state government, which provides numerous jobs, Cheyenne is home to the Francis E. Warren Air Force Base. First opened in 1867, the base was originally used as a cavalry post for the US Army. Today, it serves as the home of Air Force Space Command's 90th Space Wing, responsible for defending America with the world's most powerful, combat-ready ICBM force. The base has its own museum that is open to the public.

Education is a high priority in Wyoming. According to a recent ?Report Card of American Education,? Wyoming ranked 19th in the nation for per-pupil annual expenditure. Cheyenne offers some of the best teachers in the United States, and it shows in national tests. The Laramie County School District serves the greater Cheyenne areas. This district offers 26 elementary schools, three junior high schools and three high schools. In addition to these, there are five private schools available to residents.

For higher education, Laramie County Community College offers a full-range of technical programs and associate degrees. There are several off-campus branches for a number of local colleges and universities including Preston University, Park University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The University of Wyoming is located nearby, approximately 45 miles to the west in Laramie.

Leisure and recreational opportunities in Cheyenne are plentiful. The city has numerous baseball and softball fields, several tennis courts, golf courses and other athletic facilities. Fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, boating, swimming, camping, golfing and skiing are also found in the city and in the surrounding areas. If you are looking for organized sports, the Cheyenne Parks and Recreation Department puts together a variety of team sports such as softball, volleyball and basketball. There are more than 600 acres of parks throughout the community. The Cheyenne Greenway also provides approximately 15 miles of trail throughout the city for walkers, joggers and those who wish to roller blade.

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